Major Depressive Disorder

We cannot relate ourselves to the generation where people live healthy life without any tensions and mood swings. There are number of ways by which depression can trigger into one’s life.

Surprisingly, every third person in the mob is suffering from the major depressive disorders such as:

i)  Not able to make an eye contact.

ii) Mood swings.

iii) Start laughing at little things.

iv) Get upset frequently.

v) Sweating hands.

vi) Cold feet.

vii) Tingling fingers while talking to someone.

viii) Tabbing feet while sitting.

 major depressive disorder 11 Major Depressive Disordermajor depressive disorder 2 Major Depressive Disorder

Am I Suffering From Depression?

Unbelievably, people suffering from this anxiety mental disorder do not seek help from psychiatrist. It may be because of following reasons:

i) Many of them do not realize that they are depressed.

ii) Depressed people think that other people will never come to know about their condition.

iii) Some of them do not admit that they are suffering from this serious mental disorder.

iv) Few of them cannot mange to seek help because of depression.

v) They may afraid that people will start behaving differently.

vi) Sometimes, it is observed that people name the state of depression as physical illness which is actually related to emotional issues.

Depression does not need any stressful or traumatic situation to originate in someone’s life. Depression is a state when chemicals in brain get imbalanced and make people act differently. A depressed person cannot act normal as before. Depression has caused various disruptions in one’s life.

major depressive disorder 4 Major Depressive Disorder major depressive disorder 3 Major Depressive Disorder

Let us move ahead to know various signs of major depressive disorder.

i) Depressed does not allow you to interact with your friends and family member as before you used to do.

ii) They show less interest in their job or may leave the job.

iii) Depressed people like to stay alone most of the times.

iv) Various mood swings can be seen.

v) Lack of appetite.

vi) Sudden increase or decrease of sleep.

vii) Feeling guilt.

viii) Lack of concentration in playing games.

ix) Increase or decrease in weight.

x) Bad omens like accident, suicide etc.


Is Anxiety A Depression?

The terms Depression and Anxiety are intensified. It is difficult to separate these two terms.  The surprised factor is that depression do not come alone, it always come with anxiety. The suicide rate of depression takes a peak of graph when it gets combined with anxiety. Anxiety is one of the major depressions which have to be treated as soon as possible.

Depression is something which is not invited. Anybody can suffer from depression. It is not required to go through a series of trauma, mental illness, disappointments, stresses but a simple broken relationship can lead to the major depression disorder.

Depression: a life threatening mental illness can come in any age group. Various surveys revealed that four percent of people in US and England are suffering from depression and the count is increasing day by day. It is said to be increased by 7% by next two years which is really shocking. Depression has to be treated at any cost. It is hard to mention here that about 15-20% of the people are suffering from major depressive disorder at some time in their lives.

We have already discussed that suicidal rate is increasing on the daily basis due to depression. It has to be treated before it takes a severe turn. Depression can be treated by various ways, of which anti-depressants is one of them. Medical is another very helpful therapy for treating depression.

There are many other treatments for major depression disorder of which people are not aware of. It is advised to seek help for depression as it may give a new life to someone suffering from this life-taking depression. Here are some therapies which can definitely help you in overcoming this mental illness.

i) Cognitive Therapy

It is a type of therapy in which depression deals with various mood swings which leads to the state of depression. This therapy is best for those who feel rejection at every level of life.

ii) Psychoanalytically Oriented Therapy

It is a long and the most expensive treatment for depression. In this therapy, person is treated as a friend and psychiatrist dig into his life to know the exact reason of depression. You have to visit to psychiatrist at regular intervals for some period of time.

iii) Electronegative Therapy

It is one of the most effective treatment in which electric shock current is used to cure the depressed person. Basically, this treatment is for those who has done several suicidal attempts and do not in the state to take care of them. This depression therapy is prescribed when patient is not responding to any other medical treatment.

iv) Interpersonal Therapy

It is the most popular therapy in psychosocial therapies arena. This therapy lasts for almost fifteen weeks or more. It basically deals with problems hindering in social relationships of a person.

v) Psycho Therapy

It is commonly known as ‘talking therapy”. This therapy involves long talks with depressed patient and the psychiatrist.  This therapy involves interaction of parents, relatives and friends in treatment. The costs of treatment vary with the time period.

major depressive disorder 5 Major Depressive Disordermajor depressive disorder 6 Major Depressive Disorder

Is There Any Other Option Of Treatments?


Above discussed are the therapies which can help in giving a fresh beginning to the life. There are treatments which involve hospitalization, antidepressant medicines and drugs.

Hospitalization is considered if circumstances get worse and you need to admit the patient to the hospital for the treatment.

It came into light when depressed person is not able to handle himself and stop eating food. A proper diagnostic procedure should be followed before taking the patient to the hospital.

Anti Depressants medicines and drugs also help in curing depression. But it is needed to keep in mind that you should not go for any drug without consulting a reputed doctor or psychiatrist.

Also, almost every drug and anti-depressant drug has some side-effects which are hard to bear sometimes so it is necessary to consult a doctor.

It is the responsibility of one’s family and friends to take care of their dear ones and choose the best therapy to give a new life to person suffering from major depressive disorder. All the above discussed therapies are effective in a healing a person back to the track of a normal life.

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