What is Lexapro?

Lexapro is the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor that is available only by prescription. This medication has been proved to be effective and safe for acute and maintenance treatment of GAD in adults and MDD in adolescents and adults both.

In fact, Lexapro is the prescription drug which is used for treating GAD or generalized anxiety disorder and depression. It has not been approved to be used in children. Some other off label uses of this drug includes treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder, migraines, panic attacks and premature ejaculation.

How to take Lexapro?

Lexapro needs to be taken once each day and can be consumed with or without food, either in morning or in evening. It is important to fill the prescriptions beforehand in order to avoid nay missing of dosage. Take Lexapro with complete glass of water and take it the same time each day. It is also crucial to have schedule for taking this drug so that the medication can work well. Taking this medication at different times can confuse the system.

Take the drug as prescribed by the doctor. It may take about 4 weeks to notice effects from the medication. Continue to take the medication and consult the doctor in case you feel that the dose is not working or is too small.

What if I miss a dose of Lexapro?

In case you miss a dose of Lexapro, take that missed dosage the same day when you remember. And from the next day, resume as per the regular dose schedule. Doubling the dose in order to compensate for missed dosage is not at all advisable. In case you have extra questions regarding dosage of this drug, better consult your medical professional.

What are Lexapro interactions?

As with any drug and medication, there are some interactions and side effects. However, not everyone taking Lexapro will face the interactions. In case some side effects take place, they are minor and either need no treatment or can be treated easily with the help of a healthcare provider.

Never try to combine this drug with any drug that is classified as MAOI. Combing the drugs with this medication may cause severe and even fatal interactions like muscle rigidity, agitation resulting in coma and delirium and high body temperature.

Some medicines which can result in interactions with Lexapro are aspirin, lithium, linezolid, cimetidine, alcohol, metoprolol and ketoconazole among various others. Also, some common and much noticed side effects of this drug include insomnia, ejaculation difficulties, nausea, extreme tiredness and headache.

If this drug is taken with some other medications, the effects could be either decreased or increased. It is thus crucial to check with the doctor before using Lexapro with some other medication like citalopram, aspirin, lithium, metoprolol, desipramine, linezolid, MAOIs, cimetidine, carbamazepine, alcohol, ketoconazole, narcotic pain killers, triptans and others. Taking Lexapro with aspirin can increase the risk of facing bleeding from the stomach. It is thus a better idea to talk with the healthcare practitioner before using Lexapro and aspirin together.

Taking this drug with linezolid can also cause some symptoms known as serotonin syndrome. These symptoms include hallucinations, fever, feeling faint, confusion, muscle spasms, diarrhea, difficulty while walking and sweating. So it is wise that you talk to the healthcare provider before taking such drugs together. It is better to call the doctor right away in case you face any of these symptoms as the serotonin syndrome can prove to be very dangerous and damaging.

What are the Lexapro precautions?

Liver disease, diabetes as well as bipolar disorder are some of the conditions which you should let the doctor know about before you start taking the drug. A few precautions while taking Lexapro include that if you face seizure problem or if you are above 65 years, the risk of some allergic reactions might take place.

Also, before prescribing this drug for depression, the healthcare professional should ensure that you do not suffer from bipolar disorder. There are times when symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder are similar in nature. In this condition, Lexapro can cause some problems in those having bipolar disorder. Further, if you face seizure disorder, there is the possibility that using this drug may cause more seizures. So better talk to the doctor in case you have the problem of seizures. In case you are planning to stop taking Lexapro, you need to be properly monitored by the doctor for the withdrawal symptoms. In case you develop symptoms of withdrawal like anxiety, headache, insomnia, lethargy, confusion or irritability, the healthcare provider may lower down the rate at which Lexapro is actually stopped.

How should Lexapro be stored?

Lexapro needs to be stored at room temperature of 77 degrees but away from moisture and light. It is permitted to store the drug for brief time periods between 59 to 86 degrees. Keep the medication away from reach of children and pets.