The side effects of Lexapro on children and adolescents are just the same as for adults, but the young children should be given a special attention since they do not understand their medical conditions and the drug’s effects. They also experience the side effects faster than adults. The side effects of Lexapro include agitation, panic attacks, increased worry, insomnia, anxiety, abrupt change in behaviour, suicidal thoughts, and unusual excitation among others. The drug’s side effects may be noticed in the first few weeks after taking it, and may continue as you go on with the treatment. You should seek medical attention in case of anything unusual.

Lexapro is a prescription drug and a doctor is the only person who can decide the cause of the problem, which may be due to dosage reduction, medication change or an administration of the additional medicine in order to cope with the side effects. Young children and adolescents who are taking this drug require much attention from their parents or guardians to ensure that they do not do anything that can harm them as the side effects at this time run their course. Lexapro side effects in elderly people are much less than other drugs like Paxil and Zoloft. The only serious side effect Lexapro leads in is suicidal tendency.

For the patients who have been using other drugs such as Celaxa and would like to switch to Lexapro, it is essential that you first of all consult a doctor because your doctor not only knows your sickness history but also your level of illness. Generally, when you switch from an antidepressant to another, the complexion changes too. This is because the wide array of these drugs works by increasing the effectiveness of the brain neurotransmitter serotonin. Since the antidepressants do not look alike structurally, they also work differently in different patients, therefore a switch is important and should involve a doctor.

Each antidepressant has its side effects and it should not be stopped abruptly. When you begin taking Lexapro after dropping Celaxa, you will obviously feel a change in your body for some time before you get used to it. You can also experience some side effects. To help in such a situation, a doctor will only prescribe a switch when they are already sure that the patient can manage the situation.