You can now buy discount Prozac from various online stores. You only need to visit the net and search for discount Prozac and follow the step by step instructions given by the drug store you have identified. Many drug stores offering discount Prozac will only ask for your identity and request for a short history of your health, and drugs you may have used previously. The next step will be to buy discount Prozac. You could ask for delivery of the drug at the office or home at a minimal cost; especially if your order falls within short distances of the Prozac supplier stores. The cost will also be significantly lower if you place a bulky order. But price dynamics should not deter your wish to buy discount Prozac because the price factor has been significantly lowered.

Prozac Is Available In Capsules

You are advised to take your Prozac pills in the morning in a single dose. The general dosage values direct adult patients to swallow one capsule per day. Each capsule is usually 200mg.

The recommended dosage for children over the age of seven is one 10mg capsule for every ten hours. There is no administration dosage prescribed for younger children because you are discouraged from administering the drug to them. Online drug stores that sell discount Prozac will always offer advice and assistance in case you are in dilemma. You can get in touch with an online pharmacist if you are not sure.

Discount Prozac Online; Confidentiality Maintained

Some patients may shy away from accessing discount Prozac online because of the fear of spilling their personal information to the wider public. However, this is an unlikely eventuality because all online drug stores are regulated and are required to maintain high standards of professionalism. All information provided for the purpose of accessing medicine or medical service is confidential. The drugstores are unlikely to take the risk because there are legal penalties in place. The information you give is only meant to assist the physician to assess your condition and give a suitable discount Prozac prescription; based on your current health condition.

General Information on Prozac

Prozac works best if it taken at the same time every day. The dosage of Prozac you take may sometimes vary if your doctor finds the need for such an adjustment. The dosage may reduce or increase depending on how the patient responds to Prozac. Avoid tampering with the Prozac medication because you may interfere with its effectiveness. Remember that discount Prozac is still Prozac; with the active chemical substance being fluoxetine.