In our time – the crisis – more and more people are in need of some support. And if it’s not, but a bad mood does not give to gather the strength to overcome life’s obstacles? Then come to the aid of antidepressant drugs are medicines that relieve a state of melancholy and depression.

Antidepressants are a means for struggle with depression

The main reason for the long-term is not going low mood (depression) – chronic mental injury or stress, when this is broken transmission of nerve impulses from one cell to another, so it reduces the generation of transmitters of these pulses or neurotransmitters. When depression mostly suffers from the elaboration of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is also called hormone of happiness.

In order to restore the required amount of serotonin, there are special medications that inhibit the reverse takeover serotonin at the moment of transfer of the information from the cell to the cell, so the amount of it in this area increases.

Lexapro is an antidepressant drug that selectively inhibits the reverse takeover serotonin, not acting under the other neurotransmitters (for instance, a hormone of stress, norepinephrine, which leads body in full combat readiness, which teaches the number of heart rate, respiratory movements, thereby increasing blood pressure and so on). This is very important, so as the distribution of effects on norepinephrine would cause a number of side effects. Besides the combine has no effect on histamine (the hormone of allergic reactions). Buy Lexapro, antidepressant effect of which usually develops through 15-30 days after the start of your treatment and the maximal therapeutic effect of the treatment is achieved after three months after the start of treatment. Lexapro and alcohol are not combined.

Indications for the appointment

Buy Lexapro online that shall be made only on doctor’s prescription, in the following cases:
– when depression – steady lowering of mood;
– with panic disorders, when a man gets attacks unreasoning panic, including with the fear of open spaces (agoraphobia).

Way of administration and dosage:

Buy Lexapro online and take once a day, as at the time of delivery, as well as independently. In the treatment of depressive episodes therapeutic Lexapro dose of 10, maximum of 20 mg/day. As a rule, an antidepressant effect is observed already after two-four weeks of treatment. If you have reached the desired effect and symptoms of depression completely gone, should take the drug for at least six months to strengthen the result.

Buy Lexapro for treatment of panic disorders. You should start with a dosage of 5 mg/day with subsequent increase up to 10mg/day. In case of special need of daily dose may be increased to 20 mg.

Buy Lexapro

For elderly patients (aged 65) dosage (as recommended, and the maximum) is half of the above. With mild or moderate renal failure dose reduction is not performed. If the patient has expressed violations of the kidneys, then to the appointment of the Lexapro should be approached with caution.

For patients with impaired the functioning of the liver minimum dose for the first 14 days of the treatment is 5mg/day. Dosage of Lexapro, if required, can be increased to 10mg/day.

Contraindications for receiving

For reception of Lexapro there are a lot of contra-indications:
– hypersensitivity to the component of the preparation;
– simultaneous reception of other antidepressants, belonging to other groups of drugs;
– the age of 15 and after the age of 60;
– pregnancy, lactation;
– severe diseases of the kidneys and liver with the violation of their functions;
– some of mental illness;
– convulsive seizures;
– depression with suicide attempts;
– diabetes mellitus;
– the tendency to bleeding.

Side effects that may happen while taking Lexapro 20mg

When receiving the Lexapro 20mg can cause the following side effects:
– dizziness, weakness, insomnia or drowsiness, convulsions, tremors of the extremities, motor disturbances, hallucinations, restlessness, confusion, anxiety, panic fear, irritability, impairment of vision;
– nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, a breach of taste sensations, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation;
– sudden dizziness during the transition from a prone position in a sitting position;
– reduction secretion antidiuretic hormone, which causes the allocation of a large amount of urine;
– decreased libido, impotence, violation of the ejaculate (the discharge of seminal fluid during sexual intercourse);
– skin rash, itching, giant urticaria, allergic reactions;
– increased body temperature, sweating, pain in muscles and joints;
– the syndrome of «lifting» – in case of annulment of the drug appears dizziness, headaches and nausea.

Apart from the above, taking Lexapro weight gain can happen, but not necessarily. Many patients aren’t even aware that Lexapro weight gain is one of the most general by-effects. If, after receiving the increase in the Lexapro weight gain all the same has happened, then don’t worry, once you stop taking the Lexapro weight loss.

Rarely, but sometimes Lexapro weight loss can be.

Signs of overdose Lexapro 20mg

In case of overdose may appear dizziness, tremors of the extremities and in the whole body, agitation, drowsiness, confusion, convulsions, palpitations, arrhythmia, respiratory depression, nausea, hypokalemia (lack of potassium, which is particularly severe in the work of the heart muscle). With the appearance of these signs need to immediately call for an ambulance. The treatment is of the immediate-washing stomach, support of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Buy Lexapro online, which proved as an effective antidepressant. If you still have doubts, read Lexapro reviews.